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Health Exams

Veterinarian with Dog

We give your pet a full physical exam on every visit. We want to make sure they are healthy or help with any issues they may have.


Drug and Syringe

We offer a variety of vaccines to help keep your pet's immune to certain diseases.

In House Blood Work

blood work.png

We have in house blood machines. If your pet is sick and requires blood work we can run it here and get results quickly. We also offer adolescent  and senior panels which creates a baseline to work off of in case your pet gets sick.

Laboratory Tests


We can run many tests here.  We can run a fecal, urine analysis and more. Checking for infection or parasites. Any tests that require a more advanced look we send out to Idexx Reference Laboratories. 



We offer many different surgical procedures. The most common are spays and neuters for dogs and cats.  

Dental Cleaning


Dental issues are common in animals. We can help take away the tartar and their bad breath. Good oral hygiene can also help to prevent heart disease and other health issues related to oral health.

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